Auditioning in Vocal Music at UAB

There are two types of auditions at UAB, those for music majors/minors and those who desire only to sing in the choirs and pursue other majors.

Music Major/Minor:
Auditioning as a music major/minor is quite structured. The auditions occur on designated Saturdays throughout the year and are filled with facility tours, placement tests, repertoire requirements, and performance for vocal/choral faculty. A full description can be found here. Make sure you get "into the system" by filling out this form. We'll mail you an audition packet that explains everything. General music scholarship information is here.

Upcoming Audition Dates:
Feb. 20, 2010
March 27, 2010
April 24, 2010

We will be having vocal music major audition days on designated Tuesdays in March. Contact Dr. Copeland for more information.

Choir Auditions for Non-Music Majors:
If you don't want to major or minor in music, auditions are much more informal. To schedule an audition, simply email Dr. Copeland that you'd like to audition. ( Auditions of this type usually occur on a Tuesday or Thursday. Those interested in auditioning are invited to observe the Concert Choir rehearsal that takes place from 2:00-3:15 and audition afterwards (or before).

Directions to Auditions

Here's a Google Map that will help you find your way to the audition.

Fill out the audition form

Please fill out this audition form before you come to audition. Thanks!  Don't expect an immediate response after filling out the form; please negotiate your audition via email.  You should receive a quick response from your email (within 24 hours).  If you don't, please call:  205.975.2599.

Questions about scholarships

Yes, there are music scholarships at UAB. Unfortunately, not many reside in the choral music area. Most vocal scholarships are awarded to music majors but occasional monies are available for people not majoring in music.

More information about UAB music scholarships can be found here.

Many of our choir students are hired to sing in local churches. Choir directors often call and are looking for section leaders for their music programs; it's a popular part-time job for our vocal music students, whether they major in music or not.

Here's what to expect in the audition

The choir audition is not difficult at all!

We'll spend time talking a bit and then have the musical audition.

Here is what is involved:

a. Test your range--to see how high and how low you can sing. I'm trying to determine which voice part you sing. (It's sometimes different from what you sang in high school.)

b. Hear you sing "My Country 'Tis of Thee" in several different keys to find where you sound best.

c. Match pitches. You'll hear three notes and sing them back on a neutral syllable (like "lah")

c. Test your ability to sight-read your part on a piece of music.
No prepared piece is required in this type of audition. It's easy!

Placement in choirs

Auditioning for UAB Choirs is the first step in participation.

There is a placement audition right before classes begin when students find out which choir they make.

Our current choir structure works this way:

UAB Concert Choir (MUP 220):
Meets at 2:00 every day.
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday: 2:00-2:50
Tuesday, Thursday: 2:00-3:15
Fall 2008 enrollment: 47

UAB Chamber Singers (MUP 320):
Meets from 4:00-5:15 on Mondays and Wednesdays
Fall 2008 enrollment: 39

This choir placement audition takes place a few days before classes begin. This past audition was on the Sunday afternoon before class started on Tuesday.


What should you sing?

Types of music to sing in Music Major audition

Remember, no audition piece is necessary for a choir audition.

Two selections are required for the voice audition. Best thing to do: one fast, one slow. One English language, one another language if possible. Something from this book is appropriate for auditions in the foreign language:

Note there are different books for different voice types.

But it doesn't have to be that book. A few minutes per piece is fine and the faculty will probably stop you if it were too long anyway.

Does that help?